Bank of Hawaii – The Private Bank

Project Type:
Financial Institution
Service Type:
Interior Design

As one of the most established and prominent financial institutions in Hawaii, Bank of Hawaii desired to update it private banking space to better serve its clients and increase operational efficiencies.

Theme: Navigation. Bank of Hawaii’s institutional theme of Navigation is a metaphor for charting their client’s financial goals to arrive at their destinations. This Navigational theme was the inspiration for the project’s design which subtly incorporates elements referencing Polynesian navigation and Hawaiian in its selection of materials and architectural forms.

Supporting design elements such as the curved lighted soffit at the entry lobby reference attention to the sky, which explorers relied on to chart their course. The fishnet chandelier in the entry lobby denotes the bounty and sustenance of the sea. The design of the decorative screen at the reception desk references Hawaii’s oceans which brought the first Polynesians to Hawaii, and mountain, rain, and river waters that sustain our island life. Art pieces from local artists were selected and installed to reference island culture and place.

Welcoming and Comfortable. Collectively these design elements are successfully incorporated in an architectural interior design that provides the Bank’s clients a welcoming, comfortable, and reserved interior atmosphere to conduct their financial transactions.