Hawaii Employer’s Mutual Insurance Company

Project Type:
Commercial Office
Service Type:
Project Size:
31,605 SQ. FT.
AIA Honolulu 2022 Design Award of Merit

This project was a transitional turning point and provided a blank canvas to renovate and rehabilitate the interior spaces of the 1970’s building which was sitting unoccupied for years into a modern 21st century workplace, and to reflect and facilitate HEMIC’s values and mission to their staff and policyholders. They are the only company in Hawaii where the Owners are the policyholders, many of which include established and respected non-profit organizations enabling the betterment of Hawaii’s communities and people in need.

The scope of the project entailed the interior renovation of approximately 31,000 square feet of the building’s interior area of 59,000 square feet. HEMIC occupies 8 of the building’s 12 stories, including the basement. The other floors will be used to sublease and serve as future expansion space for the organization. The common elevator lobbies and restrooms on the unoccupied floors were also renovated and the sub-lease areas are being left as loft spaces for prospective tenants to renovate to their needs. Each floor encompasses approximately 4,200 square feet on average which allows for plentiful daylighting and views to the outside.