About Us


“Our mission is to preserve, protect and enhance the natural and built environment through architecture, interior architecture and research.”

In 1988, after working with each other for five years, Joseph J. Ferraro and Gerald K. Choi founded Ferraro Choi And Associates Ltd., an architectural firm that vowed to do things differently.

The two architects shared a belief that a positive organizational culture would be the cornerstone of their new architecture firm in Hawaii. In other words, they were determined to make Ferraro Choi and Associates “a great place to work.” Their goal was to create a positive work environment that would attract and retain talented people who, in turn, would promote consistent and effective client relationships. They based their organizational culture on a strong set of positive beliefs and values, clarified as a written list of ideals that continues to guide them today.

Ferraro Choi’s ever-growing list of long-term, reputable clients reflects the architecture firm’s outstanding record of creative services delivered with focused support. A steady shower of industry awards reflects its dedication to good design. Ferraro Choi and Associates’ awards in recognition of a family-friendly workplace are a tribute to its steadfast commitment to employees.

In 2003, Gerald Choi achieved Emeritus status and the firm welcomed the addition of two new principals, William D. Brooks and Troy M. Miyasato.

Today, Ferraro Choi’s organizational culture is a part of its identity. It makes this architecture firm unique. It serves as the heart of a service organization committed to its clients, to its employees, to the environment, and to good design.

Our Philosophy

The organizational culture of Ferraro Choi is based on a strong set of positive beliefs and values, clarified as a written list of ideals that continues to guide them today:

  • Ferraro Choi believes our first responsibility is to our clients. Above all else, we believe in providing good service to our clients by being sensitive to their needs.
  • We value quality design. An environment that is both aesthetic and functional is the goal for every project.
  • As an environmentally friendly firm, we are committed toward the application of sustainable design strategies, which seek to promote energy efficiency, resource efficiency, and worker health in our built environment.
  • We value our employees and believe they are our most important assets. We pledge to respect them, trust them, and treat them fairly.
  • We believe in a team-oriented approach. Ferraro Choi views the Architect, Contractor, and Owner as team members working together to accomplish common goals.
  • We believe in being honest with our clients, associates, and employees.
  • We believe in having fun! We choose to make our work a positive learning and enjoyable experience.