Roosevelt High School Gymnasium

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President Theodore Roosevelt High School (RHS) was founded in 1930. Its existing gym has roots to the earliest years of the RHS campus as an openair compound with grass play courts for girls. Later in the 60s, it was enclosed to act as a formal gymnasium but has always been limited by its size and has not provided adequate space and support functions meeting Department of Education (DOE) standards.

Ferraro Choi was commissioned by the State of Hawaii Department of Education (DOE) in 2014 to develop a Masterplan for the campus and present options for a new gym location. Based on that Masterplan, a new gymnasium site was selected for the campus on the location of its existing gym as a centerpiece for the pride of the school and the community it serves.

The new gym includes seating for 1500 spectators, Varsity and Junior Varsity locker rooms, weight training, wrestling, cheerleading and instructional spaces. It also incorporates an underground parking lot to utilize the sloped site and add parking to the campus. The original entry drive into the campus will be reconfigured to provide a functional one-way circulation path and dedicated loading zones.

Completion is expected in the summer of 2025.