Lili’uokalani Trust 16th Floor

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Corporate Office
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The Lili‘uokalani Trust (LT) expanded their corporate headquarters at the Alakea Corporate Tower by developing new offices on the 16th floor. The full-floor renovation of 5,000 sf involved relocating LT’s executive and financial team with the following program criteria in mind:

• 5 private offices plus 2 small conference rooms which can be converted to future private offices
• 2 executive assistant stations
• 9 workstations
• 6 hoteling desks
• 1 conference room
• Areas for collaboration, lounging, and gathering
• Small phone booths and privacy nooks

LT expressed their desire for a modern, innovative, and efficient workplace that would foster transparency, collaboration, flexibility, and fun for their team. In response, the overall concept was to provide a wide variety of quiet/private and active/social spaces for 16th floor staff as well for team members located on other floors of the building. The design team took advantage of the irregularly shaped building floorplate to create a series of linked, open Collaboration Areas defined in plan by open wall shelving and in section by open/suspended ceilinged areas. These fun, flexible communal spaces can serve as informal work areas in addition to hosting meetings, staff gatherings, and impromptu Nerf basketball and table tennis games. Similarly, a lanai-like greenhouse room provides another venue to work quietly, meet, or decompress. Private executive offices are clustered around an Executive Collaboration Area for whiteboard brainstorming and informal meetings. Staff positioned at desk hoteling and open workstations can step into nearby phone booths for heads down work, private calls, and small meetings. Upholstered nooks near the communal kitchen also provide cozy semi-private spots to work and socialize.

The industrial feel of concrete flooring and open ceilings was balanced by introducing natural plants and “green” space as well as warm wood finishes and fabrics. Pops of color and graphics reflect LT’s branding. Visual connection among team members, to exterior views, and natural daylight was maintained through extensive use of glass partitions while preserving acoustical privacy. The Collaboration Areas are designed to accommodate flexible furniture arrangements to serve different activities, and the sliding felt acoustical wall screens along the Conference Room not only provide the option for added visual privacy for meetings but can also be configured to enclose the Kitchenette as an extra conference area.