Honolulu, Hawaii

This small boutique was designed as a transitional space for the Italian leather goods retailer while a larger store was planned and constructed. Because the budget was tight and the schedule short, the program called for resourceful reuse of existing loose fixtures, and limited use of new finishes and furnishings.

Ferraro Choi adapted the former golf pro shop to Testoni’s needs with the creative work of a local specialist contractor. The space was planned to take full advantage of the existing display lighting. The primary areas of sales and storage were divided using readily available solid-core door panels with a field-applied white gloss paint finish. An area carpet was selected to cover existing floor tile transitions. Two pieces of Italian furniture were purchased to harmonize and complement existing benches and chairs.

The project was a success in terms of meeting the client’s design expectations and budget. Above all, increased sales can be attributed to the store’s new image.