Honolulu, Hawaii

1992 Honolulu AIA Award

“A boisterous but elegantly designed amusement hall…” – Jan Morris, Travel Writer, American Airlines’ In-Flight Magazine

Located on the second floor of the Kalakaua Center in the heart of Waikiki is Cosmic Fantasy, a 17,000 square-foot high-tech restaurant and game resort. Program requirements for the game center also included a sit-down specialty restaurant for 50 people, a bar/lounge for six to eight people, six karaoke rooms for eight to ten performers, kitchen, radio studio, offices, reception, storage, employee lounge, expanded restrooms, and support mechanical systems.


The design for Cosmic Fantasy developed not as a background to the blinking, flashing, and brilliantly lit games, but as an actual part of the games. The name of the game is “FUN!” and the design concept for Cosmic Fantasy can be best described as, “George and Jane Jetson do Waikiki in a Pinball Machine.” If being “cosmic” means being characterized by greatness in intensity, then perhaps the experience at this game center is truly “Cosmic!”