Gate City Office
Tokyo, Japan

The design and interior architecture for SPARX was intended to emulate the dynamic international vision of the company’s founder, Mr. Abe. Colors, forms, and finish treatments are woven into a contemporary palette that vibrantly represents an organization that, by traditional Japanese standards, is different, unique, and progressive.

Entry to these private financial offices is by way of a long hallway from the core of a large Tokyo office tower. Ferraro Choi seized this as a unique opportunity to create a strong initial impression that would capture the attention of visiting clients. An entry bridge, symbolizing the bridge to the successful financial future of its clients and Japanese investments, was created by arching, offsetting, and highlighting the flooring from the corridor walls.

Continuing into the public area, a series of conference rooms represent the company’s international abilities. Each has a different international theme expressed through the use of contemporary finish palettes. To visually open the conference rooms, the hardwood flooring of an adjacent hallway/art gallery continues through glass walls. When privacy is desired, the conference room glass walls have the unique ability to become electronically frosted with the flip of a switch.

Throughout the open office area, strategic use of glass within the partitions give a sense of openness while still providing a physical boundary to identify the two separate entities that formally comprise the company of SPARX Management. Contemporary versus traditional finishes and furniture were used throughout to represent the new economy of Japan.

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