Offices for the Myers Corporation

First Hawaiian Tower
Honolulu, Hawaii
Size: 11,000 sq. ft.

1997 Honolulu AIA Award


The design intent for the interior architecture of the Myers Corporation offices was to be clean and simple, leaning toward Art Deco and Art Modern architecture, a setting befitting for the display of the Corporation’s collection of architectural models of its development projects and contemporary art. As the building developer for the First Hawaiian Center, materials and details used on the building exterior were reincorporated into the final design of the Myer’s interior for design continuity. For example, the elliptical shape of the window wall fins that are prevalent on the building exterior reappears in the main reception desk, along with finishes of textured stainless steel. This same “fin” motif is carried through in the design of the secretarial stations, but with a different metallic paint finish similar to the building. Recessed “piano key” lights that run from the reception area through the acutely angled presentation corridor mirrors the ground floor covered walkway of the First Hawaiian Center. Plain-sliced anigre, beige veneers, green limestone, and green slate used throughout the public areas and lobbies of the building reappear in selected areas.


Customized, task-oriented workstations were used throughout the design, offering a variety of configurations and storage elements at costs below catalogue furniture systems. To relieve eye strain for its employees, ambient lighting was used throughout the general office areas.


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