Honolulu, Hawaii
Interior Architecture


The purchase of a local engineering firm and the retirement of its senior partner were the catalyst for major changes at Lincolne Scott. As a part of those changes, the relocation and redesign of their offices offered an opportunity to build a new place that could rejuvenate the spirit of its employees and inspire the thinking of its visiting clients.


Working closely with the client to interpret his ideas, Ferraro Choi helped to create an environment that was new, energetic, and progressive; an environment that would improve the company’s way of doing business and reflect their identity as a forward-thinking firm.

Highlighting Lincolne Scott’s services as lighting designers, visitors are first greeted at the entry with a full color spectrum custom-made LED lighted sign. Once inside the reception area, bamboo flooring, bright tropical colors, and a symbolic ‘wave wall’ reference its Hawaii bonds for this international firm. Besides the bamboo flooring, other environmentally-friendly materials such as low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints, recycled-content furniture, and energy efficient Energy Star products were used and specified to align with the firm’s sustainable green design ethic.

The entire 4,300 square foot office interior was purposely designed without the use of doors or private offices. This openness serves to nurture staff interaction, communication, and teamwork while providing enhanced views and natural daylighting for all to enjoy. The design included custom engineering workstations, which were clustered and spaced to be more generous than normal, providing much needed physical and visual relief as compared to the monotonous ‘cubicles’ seen in most offices. The unique furniture spacing also enhances visual communication while allowing for easy reconfiguration and future expansion. Another unique design feature is an open lounge counter situated along the exterior window wall. This multiuse counter can be freely used by employees to have lunch (with mountain views, no less!), conduct impromptu meetings, or have an alternate place to work. The project scope also included a custom product and projects display kiosk for the reception area, specification of all furniture and accessories, and custom work surfaces designed and manufactured to improve work efficiency.


The final product is an engineering office quite different from most… an office that employees enjoy, feel productive, and are proud to be a part of. From its visual sense, clients are also keenly aware from the moment they walk in that they are working with a professional, creative, and unique engineering firm.


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