Honolulu, Hawaii

1994 Honolulu AIA Award

Located near the center of Kapolei, Hawaii, Oahu’s new “Second City,” the offices of the Estate of James Campbell occupy 50,000 square feet in the Estate of James Campbell Building.


At the Estate’s request, offices were designed to serve as a standard for all future commercial development. The Estate also wished to serve as a role model with respect to environmental issues such as preserving the world’s rain forests. Selection of woods were based on the status of a species as well as the health of the forest from which it came. Furthermore, the design was to provide for both energy conservation and state-of-the-art management systems.


Program requirements were broken into three distinct categories: general offices, the City of Kapolei Marketing Center, and the Fitness Center. The general offices included private and open work stations, support work areas, a computer center, conference rooms and dining facilities. Major Conference rooms were provided with multimedia video/teleconferencing systems integrated with electronically controlled lighting systems.


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