Honolulu Art Museum Historic Renovations

Project Size:
17,000 SF
2006 Honolulu AIA Mayor's Choice Award

Founded by Anna Rice Cooke and designed by New York architect Bertram Goodhue, the Honolulu Art Museum (formerly Honolulu Academy of Arts) opened its doors in April of 1927. The Museum is accredited by the American Association of Museums and is listed on both the National and State registers of historic places.

Ferraro Choi was retained by the Museum to renovate its historic galleries. The original galleries were naturally ventilated and illuminated by a combination of electric lighting and daylight. Although an open environment was acceptable in past years, such provisions did not meet contemporary museum standards and severely limited opportunities to expand collections.

The project involved extensive interior renovation and reinstallation of the entire original 1927 museum and 1960 education wing in a phased series of complex projects spanning eight years. The finished project celebrates the Museum’s historical architecture while quietly integrating contemporary environmental control, which will allow the Museum to broaden its offering of international collections that include Western, Asian, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Southeast Asian, Philippine, Indian, and Islamic art.