Ferraz Station

32,400 square feet

Brazil’s Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station is a collaborative concept design for a new 32,400 SF research / living / working habitat with separate operations and maintenance facilities of 11,300 SF located on the Keller Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctica. The design was submitted in an international competition, sponsored by the Brazilian Navy, to replace the original station that was tragically destroyed by fire in February, 2012.The program called for an innovative, functional, safe and energy-efficient Antarctic research station with a distinctly Brazilian identity. The station was required to be organized in 5 basic sectors:

Sector 1: Private – Cabins with sleeping/living accommodations for researchers and station crew.

Sector 2: Social – Centralized common areas for living/dining, socializing, library, fitness gym and conference space.

Sector 3: Services – Centralized spaces for a kitchen, infirmary,communications, public relations, hydroponic growth chamber and store.

Sector 4: Operations & Maintenance – Remote utilities plant with emergency generators, water system, waste collection and treatment system and remote facility for storage, shop, machinery room, carpentry and electronics.

Sector 5: Laboratories – Flexible laboratory spaces to accommodate varying research programs.

Primary building design strategies included:
• Elevating the main living/working station to eliminate snow drifting at ingress/egress and minimize the station’s environmental footprint.
• Utilizing proven high performance structural insulated building panel envelope.
• Prioritizing bolted connections to allow future deconstruction and retrograde from the site
• Realization of construction economies by using modular and component design
• Compartmentalization and building separations to prevent the potential of catastrophic fire
• Clear way-finding and paths of emergency egress
• Daylight and views appropriate to space use