Ulupono Initiative Offices

Project Size:
5,968 SF
Andrea Brizzi

With their decision to find another space for their organization, Ulupono retained general contractor J. Kadowaki and Ferraro Choi to design and construct their new office in a very limited time frame.

As a Hawai’i focused organization seeking to invest in companies with sustainable principals, the design objective was to reflect this mission. The space is simple, unpretentious, and incorporates sustainable and repurposed materials.

As you enter, reclaimed wood flooring and wall paneling, and a Canec inspired ceiling was designed to capture the inviting and welcoming feel of lanai’s of plantation style homes. Cork wall tiles with a Kapa design motif lay beyond in the conference rooms to give added warmth.

The office was planned to be visibly open with a main work area in the center with perimeter offices around it with full height glass windows to let in views, and daylight, and to keep visual connections to one another.

Many of the materials specified were chosen for their sustainable properties such as cork tiles, linoleum flooring, and countertops made out of recycled paper. Shoji sliding doors, wood flooring and wall panels were salvaged from previous structures. The majority of the furniture was re-used from the prior tenant and their existing office and looks brand new.