Honolulu, Hawaii


Japan Travel Bureau’s Hawaiian Reservation Center and General Offices occupy approximately 26,000 square feet of space at the ANA Kalakaua Center, an office tower in the heart of Waikiki. One of Ferraro Choi’s early projects and an anchor tenant for the building, the center occupies the top two floors with sweeping views of a nearby park and the Pacific Ocean. As a reservation center, the facility required extensive use of computerized systems and dictated the use of raised computer floors throughout. Fully flexible open workstations and full-height movable wall systems, manufactured by Herman Miller’s Ethos Space furniture line, are used throughout the two office floors.

The public areas of the space were designed within a contemporary Euro-Asian context. Local artists provided framed contemporary artwork, glasswork, and custom furniture. The architectural transition from elevator lobby to the raised reception area was accomplished with a set of graciously scaled mahogany steps with an elegant mahogany border. The reception desk is located in front of a 20-foot illuminated art wall which provides much of the lighting for the intimate space.