Hilton Waikoloa Village


In 2011, Hilton Worldwide embarked on a renovation program for their Waikoloa Resort property with the goal of improving the overall guest experience, reflecting a sense of the rich natural beauty of the location and the local color of the Hawaiian culture.

The lobby renovation included the replacement of furniture, area rugs, and chandelier in the front entrance of the resort. The design provided to update the character and quality of the space consistent with Hilton’s and the industry’s standards, while being sensitive to local colors, textures, and iconography.

The room renovations inclueded design and mock-up of one of the existing 237 guestrooms at the resort’s Lagoon Tower with the aim of updating both the character and quality of the guestroom layout. The interior design strived for innovative and contemporary styling while exploring the historic and cultural elements that influence the Kohala Coast landscape.

The completed design and remains sensitive to authentic colors, textures, and local iconography, and strives to give guests a unique sense of place, rich in natural beauty and Hawaiian history.





Photos from hiltonwaikoloavillage.com