Hawaiian Airlines Premier Lounge

2002 Honolulu AIA Award of Merit

In 1999, Hawaiian Airlines commissioned Ferraro Choi to redesign its Premier Lounge in the Interisland Terminal of the Honolulu International Airport.

Ferraro Choi developed an interior design concept that draws from Hawaii themes including oceans, waves, mountains, and the Hawaiian sun and skies.

Design strategies such as the use of curved translucent wall screens with basketweave patterns evoke the ancient Hawaiian art of palm and lauhala weaving. Clear Plexiglas screens incorporate subtle score lines, suggesting the flow of ocean waves and giving a sense of sky, clouds, and flight. Durable flooring of sparkling black granite calls to mind Hawaii’s pahoehoe lava flows. The artwork is unique to Hawaii, including framed feather lei.

Aluminum accents throughout the lounge serve to unify and celebrate the Hawaiian themes with materials identifiable with the modern airline industry.