Bank of Hawaii Center For Excellence

Interior Renovation
14,7000 sq. ft.

As part of their overall strategy to increase efficiencies of their existing properties and to provide added benefits to their employees, Bank of Hawaii engaged Ferraro Choi to turn their former full floor printing and server room into a multifunctional office, training center, fitness center, and juice bar.

The main program requirement was to provide five training rooms with support offices for ongoing training for Bank employees, new hires, and for Bank functions. Another aspect includes the addition of a new fitness center and showers to provide encouragement to employees to be active and healthy with the added benefit of increasing worker productivity and satisfaction. A new staircase to the floor above was designed for direct access to the Bank’s cafeteria and use of their existing outdoor break area.

A big challenge of the space was having very little access to daylight except from two light wells on the East and West side of the floors. Light niches were designed to help make up for the lack of it. The overall concept was to make the space feel light and airy while being able to easily maintain the space.