Our Green Office


We are committed to protecting and improving the environment through sustainable practices and our green office culture. By practicing what we preach in our everyday work environment, we strive to be an environmentally responsible business.



The Ferraro Choi Office was certified LEED Platinum in 2011 and is consistently used as an educational tool to promote sustainable practices. We take pride in our office space and continually explore ways to improve our green policy. Published in 2006, The Ferraro Choi Green Policy is part of our New Hire documentation and hiring process. In addition to outlining our commitment to sustainable purchasing, waste management and cleaning practices, the policy outlines our sustainable commitment to staff education.

Ferraro Choi’s office dashboard enables management and employees to effectively track our energy usage.

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Sustainable Purchasing Policy
  • Purchase at a minimum 30% post consumer recycled content paper processed with PCF (Process Chlorine Free) bleaching.
  • All printers are set to double sided printing.
  • We encourage the use of on-screen editing.
  • Use of Outlook Public Folders to minimize duplication of printing efforts for project folders.
  • Three-ring binders: Reuse of existing vinyl binders within reason. Replacement binders to be purchased with recycled content when available due to remote location.
  • Highlighters and markers to be water-based certified AP non-toxic.
  • Permanent or Dry-erase markers to be chosen with “low odor” or refillable products.
  • Correction fluid to be water-based, non-toxic and ozone-safe.
  • File Folders – 100% total recycled content with at least 30% post-consumer fiber.

Waste Management

  • We have provided sorting bins for general paper, cardboard and magazines for local on-island recycling.
  • We have provided recycle/shredding bins for confidential document disposal.
  • We participate in a toner/ink cartridge recycling program to eliminate toner catridges returning to the landfill.
  • We utilize proper disposal and/or recycling techniques for recycled electronic waste. (Donation to charitable organization preferred).
  • We return outdated or unused library reference materials to Vendors.


  • We purchase low mercury fluorescent lamps for use in our office with a mercury content of 90 picograms per lumen-hour or less on average.
  • We purchase Energy-Star rated office and kitchen equipment.
  • We identify and purchase EPEAT rated computer equipment.
  • FCA maintains an office policy whichh requires all computers to use Smart Power Strips for nightly shut down of computer and all connected peripherals.
  • FCA has an established office policy to turn off all non-essential equipment as part of FCA’s nightly shut down procedure.

Green Cleaning Policy

Sustainable Cleaning Products – All cleaning products should be non-hazardous, have a low environmental impact, and meet the criteria set forth in LEED EBOM 2009 IEQc3.3.

Our office has received sustainability awards from the following organizations:


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